Installation of the solar system will typically begin within 7 days of signing the power purchase agreement


Power supply will not be interrupted during this process, so rest assured that business operation will continue as usual with the exceptions involved of having tradesman working on site.

During the pre installation and post installation process we perform the following:

  • Energy Audit and Feasibility study (including site assessment)
  • Solar Power System
  • install — mounting brackets, reverse tilt frames
  • System documentation — (client specific)
  • Full Installation and system commissioning (excluding metering)
  • Annual System check and performance review Year 1-15
All commpower installations are covered by 15 year services, warranties are independantly audited and approved in compliance with australian standards


All product — (create link to product page) used is under service warrantee for 15 years, and has a lifetime guarantee of 25 years.

We provide ongoing maintenance of all systems installed for the duration of the PPA agreement (10-15 years) the following lifespan of the panels is covered by the 25 year lifetime manufacturers guarantee.

Jobs are independently audited and approved in compliance by Australian standards.