PPA Submission Stage

PPA Submission Stage
Following the proposal acceptance from the customer the PPA submission begins

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate savings
  • No capital outlay required
  • No impact on balance sheet
  • System is insured, maintained and warranted
  • No sun = no charge
  • Published, locked in rates for the 15 year period
  • Improves NABERS rating of your building
  • Develop a green image for your business
  • You own the system outright after 15 years
  • Early buy out rates included in the PPA agreement


How do I know I’m getting quality products? If it’s free it must be cheap?

  • We only get paid if the system is operating efficiently and reliably, so it is in our inter­ests to make sure the system is made up of only Tier 1 premium products. What if it’s raining, and the solar isn’t producing enough to cover my usage?
  • If the system isn’t producing at full capacity, you are still connected to the Grid, so no loss of power.

Who maintains the system?

As part of the agreement, we take care of all maintenance and warranty issues at our


Why doesn’t it cost anything to get installed?

The idea is simple, we design the optimum system for you specifically, based on your roof space and how much power you use. We install and operate the system at our cost, and bill you monthly only for the power the system generates, no sun = no charge!

How long is the agreement for?

  • The term of the contract is 15 years, after this time you own the system. What happens if system breaks-down, am I still charged?
  • You are only charged for the power you produce, so we don’t charge you if the sys­tem is not working. What happens if I sell my business?
  • Not a problem, the PPA can be novated to the new owner once they take over. Early termination options are also available.

Is it a loan?

It isn’t a loan, it is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) There is no money outlaid by you, you simply pay for the electricity the system produces.

Why haven’t I heard about this before?

This product is new to Australia, but is tried and tested in the US. Approximately 70% of installations in the US are done under a PPA type model.

Below is a process map, which details the steps following the proposal approval