Proposal Stage

The first step in taking control of your daytime electricity cost is an analysis of your current electricity bill

How does our proposal system work?

The following page explains our proposal process and how it works towards developing a power purchase agreement with our customers

Consumption Profile

The first step in taking control of your daytime electricity costs is an analysis of your current electricity bill/consumption meter report:

Bill Example

Provide us with your power bill or consumption meter report for us to provide you with the most accurate proposal possible for your installation. Consumption meter reports are the most effective and are given upon request from your power providers generally within 1-2 days of request

From this we can develop a comprehensive look at:

  • Average consumption profile
  • Required system size
  • Potential savings

Solar Generation

We develop a tailored forecast of the solar power to be generated from your specific site based on over 20 years of solar generation reports gathered from site specific weather observation stations.

These graphs show a site solar generation projection, for summer and winter

System Design

Using specialist software, we design a tailored solar system fitted to the available roof space provided


Summer WeekDay Use V’s Solar generator


Winter WeekDay Use V’s Solar generator

Savings are immediate and average out at 30% over 25 years

Typical 25 savings comparison chart

This Stage 1 Installation Report delivers enough information to assist in deciding if a PPA system is suitable to your site, warranting further, in depth analysis in stage 2.

Annual Savings

We state the savings a consumer can expect by year, and over the course of the system’s 25 year guaranteed lifespan.